Language foundations determine whether your child takes to learning joyfully and with ease, or struggle under the pressures and demands of Singapore’s national school curriculum.

For 20 years, i-Creative Learner (i-CL) understands "What Works!" in developing exceptional literacy skills in pre-school to primary school students.

Kick-start your child’s learning to get his/her language foundations right with our pre-school preparatory programmes.

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Academic success is determined by a student’s capacity for higher order thinking and reading with clear understanding. The ability to express oneself in a clear and thoughtful manner is also critical. Parents can be assured that all i-CL Primary Winning Enrichment graduates are successful students and confident lifelong learners.

i-CL Winning Kids graduate not only as excellent users of the English language, but also as logical thinkers, excellent orators and creative writers with vivid but clear writing styles.

The future is bright for all Winning Kids as they develop both a love for reading and a large capacity for knowledge in i-CL.

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"Release of ICL Workbooks in 2015"
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Dear Winning Parents, registration for Winning Enrichment Primary One 2015 is

Winning Parents! Above is the selected Winner of our "Read-to-Me" contest. A massive congratulations to Jodi Seah Le Xin
from i-CL Hub (Ang Mo Kio)!
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Winner & 1st runner-up!

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