Passionate About Empowering Lives

Dear Winning Parents,


I-Creative Learner (I-CL) celebrates its 24th anniversary this year and we are ever grateful for all the support that parents have consistently shown us over the years. For more than 2 decades, we have flourished because of our wonderful Winning Parents who have actively recommended the programme to their family and friends. I am truly thankful for your support. 


As we celebrate more than twenty years of developing thousands of Winning Kids into above-average performers shining in the marketplace, it is important to be reminded of the foundational principles and vision that have driven i-CL since its inception in 1994.

i-CL had started as a network of teachers and homemakers with a conviction that early childhood education and primary school enrichment support was imperative to ensure that our children excelled in school and, more importantly, developed a desire to learn. Today, i-CL is a Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) registered institution and we are confident that our programme develops all-rounded learners, excellent in both written and oral communication. 

Few educators would argue against the importance of early childhood education and the necessity of being literate in English when confronting academic challenges in school. i-CL’s mission is to partner with parents in Singapore to accelerate their children’s development into proficient users of English. Our set coursework is designed not only to give students all the tools they would need to excel academically but to rope parents in to being active participants in their child’s life during the child’s developmental years.

i-CL’s drive to raise education standards is also firmly coupled with the commitment to keep enrichment accessible. In my 37 years of experience working with young children, my concern extends particularly to parents who are not proficient in English and children from relatively less eminent social backgrounds. Studies have shown that both the lack of opportunity and a child’s environment at home are strong determinants for how that child performs at school in later years. It is my belief that no child’s academic potential should be limited by circumstance and it is i-CL’s commitment to keep enrichment accessible to every community in Singapore.

At the foundation of it all, i-CL programmes develop a love for reading in children. A person’s ability to understand the world and harness the opportunities it has to offer is heavily impacted by his/her access to knowledge. Personal development is also impacted by a person’s capacity for knowledge. There is no adequate substitute for reading and I firmly encourage parents to seek all ways to instill or awaken a love for the written word in their children.

All parents are assured that a willingness to partner with Winning i-CL Teachers and Principals in their child’s development guarantees results. Winning Graduates thrive as creative, confident and independent learners.

I hope that every Winning Parent with i-CL will experience the joys of seeing their children succeed. On behalf of every principal, teacher and staff member in i-CL, I wish you and your family all the best in all endeavours.

Mrs Treaz Tan
Founder, Chief Principal