The Beginning

1994 - 2010

In the early 90s, children aged six to seven years were already facing great difficulty as they entered primary school. Our founder, Mrs Treaz Tan, witnessed first-hand the alarming number of students who were unable to read, spell and write letters or even their own names at Primary One.

At that age, however, students were expected to read and study subjects from math to science. Without a strong English literacy foundation, children struggled and inevitably developed low self-esteem, which manifested in various ways: from having a timid countenance, to displaying unreasonable behavior and mischievousness.

Mrs Treaz Tan enquired into ways to prevent such unhappiness in primary school and designed a five-stage programme to ensure that children were reading by five, with strong spelling and comprehension skills. They would then be able to explore and compose creative compositions by age six.

The programme proved extremely successful and gained popularity among parents, which resulted in the creation of Independent Creative Learner (i-CL) in 1994. i-CL’s primary enrichment programmes were then designed and created to fortify, as well as refine, a child’s language foundations.

English is undeniably the foundation of all learning in Singapore and i-CL’s programmes have become even more relevant today. Children, now more so than ever, need strong language foundations to truly benefit from Singapore’s education system that is designed to prepare them for a changing world context.

A New Generation

2010 - 2019

In 2009, the structure and content of i-CL’s programmes were significantly improved. Three factors resulted in i-CL’s transition into formal learning hubs: the need to ensure consistency in teaching standards across i-CL locations, raise our accountability to higher education authorities and the realisation that the “home” classroom environment could no longer cater to upgraded learning requirements.

Today, all i-CL hubs and Creative Teachers are fully registered with the Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE), and teachers fulfil MOE’s prerequisite qualifications for delivering our programmes. Each hub is also equipped with suitable facilities to provide an engaging, nurturing and inspiring environment for the young learner.

Despite these significant changes, i-CL preserves its strong tradition as a tight-knit network of principals and teachers overseen by a single management.

For more than two decades, parents have valued the literacy development and English enrichment programmes provided by i-CL. The institution remains ever committed to fine-tuning our methodology and programmes to make certain that every Winning Kid is given the opportunity to shine and enjoy his/her academic journey.

“A well-rounded learner must be able to read well, listen well, think well and use language to express their thoughts well.”

Our Mission

Onwards to the Future!


No child should have to struggle through school. We believe that good learning habits, strong language foundations, emotional wholeness and a confidence in their ability to learn raises the interest children have in learning and the quality of their academic experiences. Learning is much more meaningful when children do not have to struggle with unrealistic learning curves that result from having a shaky foundation.


To keep enrichment accessible and to ensure that every Winning Kid graduates as an articulate and competent user of the English language.

Brand names are only created when the programmes guarantee results.



Active collaboration with parents assures absolute success

I-Creative Learner is a strong advocate of early starts and strong partnerships between educators and parents in a child’s learning journey. Parents play critically meaningful roles in their child’s development. Every year, the most successful Winning Graduates are those with parents who actively commit to the various ICL endorsed activities designed to create deep bonds between parent and child. Children with such parental support are confident, happy and self-motivated.

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