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Updated: May 27, 2020

Implementation of ICL's Dynamic Platform Dear parents, The I-Creative Learner team will be rolling out the use of our dynamic platform for all Primary school levels from 25 May 2020. We have successfully tested the platform with a select group of primary students and it is ready for ICL-wide launch. The platform will empower the teachers with the ability to run the full ICL curriculum effectively. Details in the FAQ list below.  Please note that this is only applicable to primary levels. The ICL Team will keep you updated on developments for the pre-school levels when appropriate.  Logins to the Dynamic Platform and Zoom links will be sent directly to your emails/Whatsapp on Sunday, 24th May. Do keep a look out for them. FAQs 1. How will lessons be run? Lessons will combine the use of our custom-built Dynamic Platform and Zoom.

  • ICL's dynamic platform has all notes and worksheets integrated online.

  • Zoom will facilitate the face-to-face classroom element.

The system allows teachers to view your child's online activity in the platform in real time. Technology will assist the teacher with real time marking of your child's work so that the teacher can focus on teaching and facilitating learning effectively.  The short story components of the creative writing programme will be brought forward and taught during the weeks of Circuit Breaker (CB) suspensions. Close marking of compositions will be done retroactively, after class, and sent directly to the student's registered email.  2. Will I get to view the work my child completes online with ICL? Fully-marked reports on your child's work will be sent to your emails after every lesson, together with feedback from the teachers where necessary.  3. What does my child need to have to attend a lesson?

  • A laptop (try not to use iPads - if no option then iPads are fine)

  • An updated internet browser like Chrome or Safari. Old browsers will not be able to support such upgraded technology.

  • Headphones 

  • A quiet space with no distractions

Worksheets are integrated into the system. Teachers will be interacting with your child and would need their utmost attention. We ask that parents give the children the space to acclimatise to the system and focus their attention to the work onscreen.  4. Will the class sizes change or my child shortchanged? No. All ICL policies remain the same and your child will see his/her classmates. We have only launched this platform after weeks of testing and designing to ensure that the entire curriculum can be taught effectively before rolling it out officially. 

5. How will fees be calculated?  As the entire curriculum per class will be covered during each session, fees will remain consistent per class. There are 5 more lessons for ICL's Term 2 fees. The school will request for Term 3's fees when it is due.  6. Why did ICL change its stance on e-learning? ICL has not changed its stance on e-learning. 

E-learning in its rudimentary form -- Zoom lessons + physical notes and worksheets -- does not work. The team has, however, invested a large sum of money into technology that assists the teachers with real-time marking of work and gives them the ability to manage your children's attention -- the greatest struggle when it comes to e-learning.  We had not jumped the gun in hopping onto the zoom bandwagon and have only, after weeks of testing, agreed as a team that the platform is viable and effective for primary-level students. Thus, we are confidently putting it in place. 7. What time will my child's class be? Class timings will be moved forward to be held during the day during this circuit breaker period. We will keep your child occupied during the day while parents are working from home :)  Class timings will be sent directly to your Whatsapp. We will try our best to adjust timings back to their original time-slots when school reopens.

8. Can anyone else access the platform? This service is reserved specifically for existing ICL winning kids. ICL has frozen all new enrolments. We are not accepting new students during the circuit breaker period. 

9. Will you consider using the platform for pre-school classes?

The pre-school curriculum deals with building a foundational repertoire of hard-skills rather than technical knowledge of the language. The pre-school curriculum also works with extremely young children who cannot be expected to learn independently via screen-time with teachers. 

Their education requires close human connections and the use of a huge variety of strategies. ICL preschool lessons rely on an extensive array of classroom aids to capture your child's imagination and attention. Without these aids, learning is superficial. 

We are still not able to justify providing such lessons and charging for them during this circuit breaker. It is our deepest dilemma and concern. We are continuously looking for solutions and will update parents as the situation evolves. 

We ask for your kind patience and trust that we are firmly committed to only making the best decisions for your child's education, even when it clearly comes at a cost to the schools. 

This is the ICL mission and culture. 

Should you have further enquiries, please message your principals directly via Whatsapp.  -------

This is our team's best effort to give our Winning Kids the absolute best above all and to ensure that no cohort of kids will be shortchanged during their developmental years.  We seek the kind cooperation of all parents and sincerely thank you for your close support all these years. May the entire family keep safe and let us stand together in working towards having the freedoms of life being restored soon.  Wishing you the best. 

Warmest regards,

The ICL Team

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