(Updated 20 March) Questions on LOA precautions

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Dear Parents,

As previously advised, a decision on the 14-day LOA had been made in tandem with MOE's official precautionary measures adopted for national schools and kindergartens.

The point of the 14-day Leave-of-Absence (LOA) exercise is to limit the probability of the spread of a virus that has a long incubation period -- this results in visibly healthy individuals still being possible carriers.

ICL's current guideline/statement for our schools:

*Please be informed that we are constantly re-looking the precautions and will be directly in touch with parents with the latest updates.

  • Child is to take LOA if he/she had travelled and returned to Singapore on/after 14 March 2020 -- regardless of country and mode of travel.

  • Children with parents serving quarantine notices due to direct contact with a confirmed Covid19 case should serve an LOA for the same duration as their parents before returning to class.

  • Children who have not travelled during the March holidays would not need to take an LOA, even if a parent, guardian or individual in a shared residence did.

  • Please note that false declaration cases will be recorded and referred to higher authorities when necessary.

*MOE's FAQ on the Covid19 situation can be found here:

*For unique/special cases that have not been covered by our statement, please contact your branch principal and raise it to the team’s attention. We will assist to consider it, with advice from education authorities.

*We ask that parents do not demand for immediate and firm answers as the situation is evolving and considerations to take when enforcing precautions can be complex.

*ICL's classrooms differ from mainstream schools, and thus, the pre-cautions taken may differ slightly. Precautions, however, are taken in the same spirit as all that has been done within the education community in Singapore.

A gentle reminder that the LOA is a practice of social responsibility rather than systematic targeting.

The entire nation hopes to slow the spread and thus, such tightened precautions are in place to protect our children. As such, the schools will assist with all catchups, when necessary.

ICL is in constant correspondence with MOE on the situation and will update parents directly should ICL guidelines change over the coming days/weeks.

Thank you for your kind attention, cooperation and sending our best wishes to the entire family.


The ICL Team


16 March 2020

Dear parents,

We have received many messages questioning I-Creative Learner's authority to implement a 14-day Leave-of-Absence (LOA), if necessary and whether this is mandated by MOE.

Please be advised that MOE-registered institutions are given full prerogative to put precautionary measures in place given our institution-specific considerations.

An LOA is not a Stay-at-Home Notice given by ICA. It is an exercise of social responsibility and consideration of the others that could be affected by one's participation in a given activity.

Travel declarations are to be sent directly to your principals and you will need to personally sign your child into class for the next few weeks.

We will take a decision on the LOA on 19th March 2020.

The team is constantly monitoring the situation to make the best decision for the sake of the thousands of kids in our classrooms each week. We will keep parents directly updated.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

The ICL Team

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