Short Stories by Primary Students

It is undeniable that the English language is a sophisticated one. Good language and technical appreciation of grammar needs to undergird the creation of Inspired short stories and essays.

It is I-Creative Learner's mission to continuously raise the standard of English in Singapore and to help unleash creativity in each and every child who learns with us.

Enjoy the following stories written by our Winning Kids from various outlets!

1. In this challenge, students had to formulate a story based on a title and include as many details based on random pictures provided to them.
The following story is written from a very interesting point of view. Can you guess whose?
Written by Valerie Chai, P3, from I-CL Hub (Chai Chee)

"Woof woof! Well done~!" :D

2. In this challenge, students had to give a creative spin to a recount of a sleepless night.
The following is funny reflection of a child's foolishness on a number of counts. As an adult, can you relate? We could. :D
- written by Jayden Kiw, P3, I-Creative Learner Hub (Chai Chee)

3. In this challenge, deep reflection on the many feelings that one experiences when facing a new challenge was encouraged.
Self-doubt, grit, resilience and personal breakthroughs... these are themes that will be familiar to us as we move through life.
Children were given a number of random pictures and asked to weave as many of them into their story, entitled "The Day I won". The author of this story chose a running track, a girl falling and finally a crowd cheering.
- written by Zi Ning, P4, I-Creative Learner Hub (Chai Chee)

The I-Creative Learner team has been impacting lives for the past 30 years and we will continue to do so!

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