Short Stories by Primary Students

It is undeniable that the English language is a sophisticated one. Good language and technical appreciation of grammar needs to undergird the creation of Inspired short stories and essays.

It is I-Creative Learner's mission to continuously raise the standard of English in Singapore and to help unleash creativity in each and every child who learns with us.

Enjoy the following stories written by our Winning Kids from various outlets!

1. In this challenge, students had to imagine that they were one of the people swindled into buying an amazing glue that could glue together any two things in the world -- only to lose all its stickiness after a few hours.
Giffen's Great Glue is a well-written short story that the kids were exposed to prior to writing a piece of their own.
Written by Paul Pavri, P6, from I-CL Hub (Everton Park)

"Woof woof! Well done~!" :D

2. In this challenge, P6 students had to create a story based on the title "An Ordeal". No prompters were given.
The following is skilful creation of a situation that was an ordeal for not only the victim, but all who were witnessing the event.
- written by Emily Lim, P6, I-Creative Learner Hub (Everton Park)

3. In this challenge, students describe an environment familiar (or unfamiliar to them) and bring it to life for the reader.
Most students fail in their descriptions. They often assume that the reader understands brief references or would conjure up the same picture they have in their minds when those references are made.
Children were allowed to explore the chosen place in their minds and describe the activity that would likely occur there, in detail.
- written by Danya, P3, I-Creative Learner Hub (Chai Chee)

4. In this fun challenge, students imagined and expressed what they would do if they were invisible!
This child had a very specific mission to accomplish :D
- written by Mikaela, P3, I-Creative Learner Hub (Chai Chee)

Hope you enjoyed the short reads!

The I-Creative Learner team has been impacting lives for the past 30 years and we will continue to do so!

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