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Critical and Active Listening Skills   |   Critical Thinking   |   Critical Reading with Understanding Active Comprehension 

Phonological Skills   |   Reading   |   Spelling   |   Steps to Writing   |   Logic Development & Creative Thinking 

Effective Communication   |   Story Sequencing & Sensibilities   |   Group-Dynamic Skills


I-CL's early childhood literacy development programme has been exceedingly successful over the past two decades. The coursework encompasses far beyond just phonics and learning to read words. Quick cognition, focused learning, listening skills, spelling skills, reading with understanding, logical processing, beautiful penmanship, creative thinking and articulating ideas confidently.​ 

Trusted by Singaporean parents given our experience -- close to three decades of developing extremely successful students who are thriving in school. 



Elementary Grammar  |   Eight Parts of Speech  |   Fortifying Spelling & Dictation Skills  |   Creative Writing Disciplines 

Elevated Comprehension Skills  |   Applied Reading Comprehension  |   Logic Application & Problem Solving

Written for successful graduates of the Winning Foundation 5, the Winning Preparatory Primary introduces learners to the disciplines of creative writing and comprehension. Students learn the eight parts of speech, tenses and the basic technicalities of creating sentences. 

Pre-requisite to entry: Ability to read, spell and write words. Assessment required for new registrants. 



Parallels the WF5 programme but the coursework is abridged - focused on the most critical learning outcomes.

Designed for children whose parents did not come to know of I-CL prior to ​their cohort's commencement of the Winning Foundation 5 course. The Winning Foundation Crash is I-CL's compressed version of the Winning Foundation 5 course for late intakes. The curriculum focus parallels the WF5 programme but the coursework is abridged.

Note: Learning outcomes vary as this is an emergency course designed to assist children with reading skills before Primary school.  



Examination Preparation  |   Vocabulary building  |   Grammar Studies  |   Applied Comprehension

Creative Writing - Thematic Exploration and Exposure; Four Types of Writing  |   Short-story studies 

Character and Story Development  |   Debate and Public Speaking Skills  |   Applied Logic and Problem Solving 

General Knowledge Development  |   Group-Learning Dynamic and Participation Skills

This course places a strong emphasis on developing writing competency and comprehension. Winning Kids are taught to break away from producing uninspired compositions and will graduate with clear, vivid and lively writing styles. ​

Weekly coursework include: creative writing, comprehension, grammar studies and vocabulary building - support to ensure that students are grounded in the technical aspects of English and use the language with accuracy and precision. Debate skills and oral are included in the curriculum. This course is taught in British English.



Examination Preparation  |   Applied Deliberation of Real World Issues and Themes  |   Vocabulary building 

Grammar Studies  |   Applied Comprehension  |   Creative Writing - Thematic Exploration and Exposure; Four Types of Writing 

Short-story studies  |   Character and Story Development  |   Debate and Public Speaking Skills 

Applied Logic and Problem Solving  |   Group-Learning Dynamic and Participation Skills

Enrichment is not tuition. The upper primary coursework focuses on enlarging the learning horizons of our Winning Students. Weekly coursework feature vocabulary building, grammar studies, creative writing and comprehension - with an additional component - short story studies. Debate skills and oral are included into the term curriculum. 


The bar is raised for the standards of writing and students are exposed to outstanding literature and information that would keep them abreast with modern developments and acquire cultural awareness.

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