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Foundational Values

Foundational Values

Championing Parent Participation


Nothing replaces the impact a parent's presence makes on a child's learning journey. I-CL provides professional knowledge and a structured programme for parents to apply at home. 

Critical to the success of the programme, home-support will result in tangible academic outcomes.

Affordable Premium Education


I-CL was founded in 1994 with a mission to ensure every Singaporean child is equipped with strong English Literacy before they enter primary school. 

We are a socially aware enterprise and have kept fees affordable. We will endeavour to sustain this legacy.

Developing Good Habits & Discipline


The world has changed and our children will face challenges beyond ours. What is unchanging is that literacy remains at the foundation of all learning. 

I-CL educators assist parents with providing an environment in which students develop good learning disciplines and habits.

Incremental Stress-Free Learning

Contrary to misinformed beliefs, early learning does not rob a child of a childhood. An early start gives ample time for a child to pick up critical skills without pressure or stress. It is also critical to a child's development. 

Joyful learning and an empowered childhood for all our children.

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