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A privately owned institution run by full-time educators

The I-Creative Learner team strives to keep education authentic and esteemed. Teachers

are chosen and trained with great care. Relationships and deep understanding between educator and parent are forged for the benefit of our children.


We believe that profit-driven practices have no place in the education arena where real lives are being impacted.  This is the legacy and mark that ICL strives  to preserve for many decades to come. 

Accredited Creative Teacher Associates

I-Creative Learner teachers are full-time staff and MOE-registered educators. ​


They fulfil all prerequisite qualification and grades to be MOE-accredited teachers, as well as passed all in-house ICL training, probation and tests.

I-CL is always looking for ladies who truly take joy in seeing their students develop and grow to join the team.


If you are such a candidate, email us:

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