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Our Programmes : Accessible Premium Education

A legacy of proper traditional
English Literacy grounding

Winning Foundation 5

Ages 4-5

* Pre-school flagship programme

Classes begin the year child turns

4 - grouped according to year children were born in. *Pre-requisite to entry: Ability to recognise alphabets in both the upper and lower case, active parent-participation for efficient progress.

2 Year Programme


Max of 8 students

to a class

Read by 5, Ready to write creatively by 6

Winning Foundation 5.jpg

Winning Preparatory Primary

Age 6

* Pre-school flagship programme

Successful graduates of the Winning Foundation 5 programme automatically graduate into this course at K2. *New registrants subject to assessment and child's ability to cope with group

class-dynamic and pace.

Once-a-week Max of 8 students to a class

Foundations of grammar, comprehension

Foundations of creative writing

Winning Prepatory Primary.jpg

Winning Crash

Late Intakes

* For students who missed the Winning   Prepatory Primary registration timeline

Emergency Late intakes: K1 & K2 hoping to learn to read before Primary One. Note: Learning outcomes vary as this is an emergency course designed to assist children with reading skills before Primary school.


Max of 8 students to a class

Compressed, Abridged Version of Winning Foundation 5

Winning Foundation Crash .jpg

Winning Primary Enrichment

Ages 7-9

* Primary school programme

The course is written for I-CL's graduates of the Winning Foundation 5 programme. From the first lesson, students dive into exploring creative writing competencies and elevated applied comprehension skills. 

Once-a-week Max of 8 students to a class

Mastering the language

Producing compositions with clear, vivid, lively writing

Winning Primary Enrichment.jpg

Winning Exposure Enrichment

Ages 10-12

* Primary school programme

The class size decreases as students enter the Upper Primary levels, allowing I-CL educators to give more tailored guidance to each student. The course focuses on enlarging the horizons of our Winning Students while preparing them for the PSLE.

Once-a-week Max of 6 students to a class

Elevated and refined usage of the English language

Tailored guidance to each student

Winning Exposure Enrichment.jpg
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