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" There is no better foundation to a successful life
than a mastery of English and
a full suite of literacy skills "


Structured Programmes & Accessible Premium Education

I-CL's Literacy Programmes are structured to enable children to develop the necessary literacy skills according to appropriate developmental stages without pressure or stress. We are powered by the belief that every child deserves exposure to a specialised literacy environment.


Literacy Fact #1

The Earlier The Better

Children who are exposed to engaging literacy experiences from the right time in their early years have a great advantage -- vocabulary, comprehension, syntax, listening skills and other reading goals can be developed with ease. Time is also on their side. 

Literacy Fact #2

Comprehension In Reading Is Key

Reading is more than just decoding words. Children are required to understand and interpret what they have read in order to be a strong reader.

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Literacy Fact #3

Literacy Development Culminates in Skilful Writing

Literacy goes beyond reading and understanding. The ability to express coherent thought in writing using sharp and succinct language is a skill that would carry an individual through a lifetime. 

Drive Your Child's Road
To Success Today

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